Your specialist in the design and the manufacturing for Food services & packaging items.



BELIX, founded in 2005, has seen remarkable growth in turnover over the past 10 years. 
It is a family firm, able to respond to any request quickly and flexibly.

Eager to please our customers, we put the emphasis on quality, design and good presentation of our products, therefore paying special attention to their needs.

BELIX specializes in the manufacture of products and packaging for HORECA (the hotel and catering trade). 
We have developed an innovative range of molded forms for use in appetizers, made of Crystal-injected polystyrene, which resembles to mistake to glass.
We also offer a collection of designs made of bamboo, wood, paper and sugar cane pulp

produits alimentaires belix
These collections of mini-forms highlight the presentation of your preparations such as appetizers, zakouski, deep-frozen foods, pastries, etc.

Our products are distributed by wholesalers, packaging distributors and through large retailers
(department stores) and the food-processing industry.

All our products are tested in accordance with European standards on food contact.
Our designs are trademarked.

Innovative products

Service all over the world

In accordance with European standards


BELIX is able to supply its customer base throughout the world, from its logistics platform.

We currently service countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy,
Switzerland, Australia, Arab Emirates, Scandinavia, Canada etc. 
We also have a subsidiary in the USA.

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